Tai Lastimosa


3 – Strength
2 – Perception
1 – Endurance
0 – Charisma
5 – Intelligence
0 – Agility
2 – Luck


  • Field Scribe Armor
  • Laser Rifle
  • Combat Knife

“After all, everyone knows how to make another human, but the secrets to making a P94 plasma rifle are all but lost.”
-Elder Lyons

Early Life

Tai’s beginnings and induction into the Brotherhood of Steel are a bit unusual. He was found when he was a baby by Paladin Anderson, a member of the Brotherhood, and taken in. Anderson was leading a strike squad to a super mutant camp that was becoming a pest south-east of one of the BoS bases in D.C. While en route to the camp, the group noticed small arms fire not too far to the west. Disregarding orders to head directly from the camp, he ordered his squad to move in and assist. When they arrived it was already too late. Super mutants attacked a small town, if it could even be called that, and only a few mutants remained to torture the survivors. The team was met with very little resistance and they managed to kill the remaining mutants. It was during this assault that Anderson found Tai. While searching for any remaining mutants, he found one with a woman in her hand. Before he could even raise his weapon, the mutant ripped the woman’s head clean off. Anderson aimed and with one shot immediately brought the mutant down. When he heard wailing, he went over to investigate and found a baby, Tai. After some contemplation, he decided that since he could not save the mother, he would save the child and took him. Once they got back to H.Q., there was a great deal of arguing over the child and taking him in but reluctantly, they took him in. Scribe Lastimosa was assigned to watch over him and raise him so she took the liberty to name him Tai Lastimosa.


Once Tai reached the age of 18, he let go of the title squire and was granted the rank of initiate. He was moved from D.C. to the base in Boston to begin his training, this is when he began struggling. Most Brotherhood members saw him as an outcast, like he didn’t belong here. Superiors made training more difficult and fellow initiates messed with him wouldn’t hesitate to throw him under the bus. Determined to prove himself, Tai shrugged it off and continued on with the training. Most of the training he was pretty average, not good nor bad. He had a bit of a sharper eye for marksmanship and could definitely hit more targets than most recruits can when starting their training. What he excelled at however, was electronics. Ever since he was a squire, he always had a knack for technology; he would occasionally steal bits and pieces of old equipment and make little gadgets. His way with technology came to attention when he built a fully functioning pulse grenade and it accidentally went off causing several terminals to crash. Because of this past, superiors took any technological training even harder on him but to their surprise, he was able to pass them. He continued his training until he was given his first assignment

First Assignment

Initiate Lastimosa was assigned to Paladin Briggs and his squad. They were tasked with exploring the rest of the eastern seaboard, more specifically, New York. As standard gear, he was given a Field Scribe outfit, standard issue AER9 Laser Rifle, some microfusion cells for ammunition, and a few field supplies. After a day of preparation, the 10 man squad set out for New York. On the way there nothing really eventful happened. There were a few rad roaches, couple feral ghouls here and there, the occasional raiders that were dumb enough to try and ambush them. The second day in New York was very different. They were ambushed by super mutants and caught completely off-guard. They immediately ran for cover but quickly realized they were outnumbered two to one. Even worse, a super mutant behemoth hurled a truck towards them crushing two initiates and separating the rest of the squad. Three were on one side of the bus while the other five were on the other; Tai was one of the three, along with an aspirant and a knight. The other side was pinned so they tried to rendezvous back and provide assistance. While moving, 4 more super mutants attacked from their right, wounding the aspirant. The knight ordered Tai to keep moving to and assist Briggs while he treated the aspirant and eliminated these mutants. Tai continued to fight his way through meeting light resistance, only two mutants. He finally was able to get through a demolished, but slightly intact skyscraper and managed to see Paladin Briggs and the remainder of his squad. From what he could tell, only Briggs and another aspirant remained. He began moving down the rubble to join them when he looked back up and noticed the aspirant go down. He began to make his way down faster, hoping to reach Briggs in time when he heard a voice on his communicator. “This is Paladin Briggs, I’m completely overrun and those that were with me are dead. If anyone else made it, stay clear of my location, I’m detonating my suit. Finish the mission!” Tai looked up and seconds later, he saw an explosion. In that moment, he couldn’t think, couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. All he was able to do is watch in horror as a majority of his squad died. After a few moments, he ran back to the knight and aspirant to provide assistance only to see that the mutants were already mutilating their bodies. He was able to hide so the mutants didn’t see him and was forced to hold out for the night in the building. Morning came and Tai checked his surroundings. The mutants were gone so he started heading for the mutilated bodies of the knight and aspirant. He noticed that clutched in the aspirant’s hand was his holotag. He grabbed it along with the knight’s and what little ammo was left. He then began to make his way to the rest of the squad. Scorched ground marked their location and he proceeded to see if anyone had survived. One by one, Tai checked their vitals, took their holotag, and any microfusion cells they didn’t use. Finally he made his way to what was left of Briggs. His power armor, half melted to the ground, was completely unsalvageable. He took off his helmet and repeated the only thing he could do. Now there was only one thing left to do, finish the mission.

Tai Lastimosa

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