"Welcome to the Empire Wasteland, Fellas."

The Campaign Pitch:

New York, New York. A financial and economic epicenter, the city was a shining beacon of culture for Americans far and wide. It was a burgeoning metropolis of ingenuity with a rich history of strength and perseverance of people from all over. In fact, according to the 2070 census, the city was so large that approximately 18 million people were said to have maneuvered the busy urban jungle. If only nuclear Armageddon hadn’t occurred…Long story short, several nuclear detonations in 2077 later equals Manhattan becoming the largest tomb within the United States. While only suffering one direct hit on the island itself,  the devastation would rock the city creating mountains of rubble as the city skyline buried those below. Millions perished. However, like the roaches humans are, humanity survived to form new settlements and alliances.

Yet that was awhile ago, and you probably heard a million stories of “post-war survival” from here all the way to California. Over 200 years later, and few really care about what some pre-war said and did. You are living in a wasteland after all, there isn’t much to guess as to what happened that day, much less before. Well, actually, you might care just a little bit. After all, you’re here for a very special offer; one that particularly pertains to one pre-war location. “The Reserve”.“The Reserve” is a location of mighty intrigue. Rumor has it that it used to be one of the country’s financial depots, others guess that an untapped Vault lies below the ruins, and a couple guess it’s the gate to Eden. If you listened close enough, you would be one of the few to know it’s all three. Find a live historian, and you would know that the US government has turned that vault into a stockpile of everything you can ask for: food, water, ammunition, medical supplies, and its original content, gold. And what do you know, someone is offering you a job to go find it.

The job offer has told you to meet at roadside bar formed from the wreckage of trashed automobiles on the slightly unstable George Washington Bridge. As you step inside the metal structure, you find folks of all walks of life: Mercenaries, Raiders, Vault-Dwellers, Ghouls, Doctors, and many more. Many have heard of the proposition, and see rewards to be found. As you are the last to arrive, an eye-bot with a flat cap begins to explain the offer in the plainest of terms. The client wants a group of people to make their way into the Financial District and find the ruins of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Once they make it inside, they need to deliver a special drive and install it into the mainframe of the Reserve. If they can accomplish that, the group will have full access to the Federal Stockpile with no questions asked. Ultimately, the client cares not for the contents of the stockpile, but only about the data the mainframe has. As long as the group doesn’t tamper with the data, the Vault is theirs.

The Catch:

So, I hope I ain’t the first one to warn you about things that “sound too good to be true”. This job is absolutely no different. Besides the fact that Manhattan has untraversable terrain, hostile warring factions, and radiation up-the-wazoo, there is a reason no one has broken into the Reserve before. Because it was a Federal Stockpile, the US Government had an EXTREME interest in guarding the contents of their vault. In fact, it seems like there was no expense spared for its security. While the living security are most assuredly dead, automated security armed with lasers, rocket launchers, and mini-guns guard the interior ground level with unending diligence. Past the robots, a secure elevator requires an administrative key card to access the lower levels; once there, get ready for more automated security. If you can pass all that, you need the three unique code phrases issued to the Reserve Manager, the Reserve Director, and the General on Duty to unlock the vault itself. Then, and only then, can you claim your reward. Oh, and last but not least, some group called “The Exchange” has been scouting the Reserve.

You are unsure why, but almost immediately most of the bar gets the hell out of there. Some were panicked and frightened by the descriptions they heard, others declined to put their life on the line for a “too good” rumor. After a minute, it’s just you and a couple of other wastelanders. For whatever reason, this group has decided to play the odds and begin planning the largest score of this century. If you can enter the Reserve and survive, you just might change the Empire Wasteland forever.  

Fallout: Corrupted Liberty

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